Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia is an attractive place for bicyclists, marathoners and many other sports enthusiasts. As such, it is no surprise that The Avery Law Firm has made it our business to offer skilled legal representation to residents and tourists injured in all types of bicycle accidents.

From collisions with cars to accidents caused by un-groomed bicycle paths, you can count on our bike accident expertise to help you with your case. We have helped bicyclists in Northern Virginia claim fair and just compensation in countless bicycle accident trials and settlements.

Bicycle Crash Injuries
Bicycle accidents with cars and other vehicles are frightening events, and bicyclists often face severe injuries. While most bicyclists wear safety gear, lacerations, fractures, concussions, and traumatic brain injuries befall riders every day. Spinal cord injuries are of particular concern, as active cyclists fear paralysis and loss of function, perhaps more than most potential injuries. Even less serious injuries like road rash can be quite painful. Our attorneys understand bicycle injuries and how they impact you.

If You Are Injured In a Bike Accident
Based on experience in the courtroom and on the bike trail, attorney Michael Avery recommends you keep the following in mind in case you are injured in a bicycle accident:

1. It is important to be able to make a call in case of emergency. Take your phone and ID with you when you ride. If you are hurt in an accident, call for help immediately. Don’t hesitate to call 911.

2. When you are in an accident, several people are involved. Get names, numbers, and business cards. Don’t forget people like witnesses of the accident and police officers responding to the scene. Take pictures of license plate numbers.

3. Make an official police report of the accident. Don’t be embarrassed. It is important to involve authorities to document the accident. The report could be critical in later litigation.

4. Don’t disturb the scene of an accident. If you move your bicycle, police officers may not be able to understand what happened. Take pictures of the scene. Note the address or bike path mile marker so you can return later.

5. Take care of yourself! It is critical for a medical professional to evaluate your injuries as soon as possible so you can get better, and so you can document your injuries. Take pictures of your injuries.

6. The scene of the accident is not the time to talk about fault or negotiate settlements. Get contact information and insurance details and save the rest for later. A little hindsight and time away from the shock and trauma of your accident is important. The fact is: bicycling laws put the burden on vehicle drivers to use caution to avoid cyclists so you are not likely at fault.

7. Find a safe ride home (or to your doctor). You may have injuries that take time to surface. It will be better to call someone for help than risk being injured again.

8. You may be pressured to give official recorded statements. Insurance companies are notorious for this tactic. You do not have to say yes. You should wait to speak with your attorney first.

9. Find experienced legal counsel to help you. You should not have to figure it out all alone. An attorney will represent your interests and advocate for your needs. The system is not set up to protect you. An attorney is a trained professional, there to help you keep and organize evidence and present your case. Some attorneys are generalists, and others focus their practice on specific areas of the law. You should find a bicycle accident attorney, such as The Avery Law Firm, who understands both cycling and legal issues.

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