Collecting Evidence in a Truck Accident Case

Truck accidents are among the most devastating kind of accidents that someone can ever experience. In fact, they have the highest fatality and damage rate out of any other kind of automobile accident. The damage and injuries sustained from truck accidents have a way of putting participants out of commission for the immediate aftermath, should they survive the ordeal.

Fortunately, if the liability lies with the truck company, then there is a potentially large settlement that can be obtained from a personal injury claim. But, in order to secure compensation from a truck accident personal injury claim, there must be an investigation into whether the trucking company was negligent in a way that caused the accident.  

Truck Accident Investigation

The gathering of evidence through an investigation is integral to the success of a truck accident personal injury case. Evidence examples in a trucking accident can include:

• The Accident and Driver Reports

• Driver Logs

• Tire or Gouge Marks in the Road

• Accident Scene Photos

• Trucker’s qualifications 

• Trucker’s Driving Record

• Trucker’s Medical History

• Truck Inspection Reports

• Data from Electronic Onboard Recording Devices (EOBRs)

• Cell Phone Records

• Truck Wreckage

Getting Truck Accident Evidence

Trucking companies are required to maintain extensive documentation on the truck and driver involved in the accident. These records include details about whether a trucking company has any history of being negligent in the past. In addition, they could have a history of noncompliance with state or federal trucking regulations or they could have previously hired unqualified drivers. Trucking companies also should have a record of how many of their drivers have been involved in accidents.

In addition to the documentation from the trucking company, witness testimonies help a great deal in determining who is at fault for a truck accident. They can be a bit more difficult to gather since most involved in truck accidents are too injured to get them from the scene. Fortunately, police and investigators will usually attempt to gather witness testimonies. Their own testimonies may also prove useful if they can be secured.

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