Don’t Let a Motorcycle Wreck Derail Your Life and Career

There’s nothing quite like riding a motorcycle: the wind whistling around you, the road whizzing by beneath you, and the engine purring as you ride down the road. Unfortunately, riding that motorcycle can carry some heavy consequences.

Driving a motorcycle means that you have little protection between you and the road. If an accident does occur, there’s nothing but your helmet and your protective gear to help keep you safe.

For every mile traveled, the number of deaths on a motorcycle is estimated to be 29 times higher than the number of deaths in a car. Death, however, isn’t your only risk. If you’re severely injured in a motorcycle accident, it can derail your entire life, leaving you struggling as you recover from your injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Physical Disabilities from a Motorcycle Accident

While wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injury, significant head injuries can and do still occur in motorcycle crashes. Many of the symptoms of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can significantly reduce your ability to complete your daily job tasks, such as:

  • Memory loss makes it incredibly difficult to complete daily job tasks. You may struggle to remember how to complete familiar tasks in the aftermath of your motorcycle accident.
  • Difficulty concentrating can lead to a decrease in productivity. Irritability or other emotional disruptions may disturb the workplace.
  • Slow thinking can make it hard to keep up in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Pain medications can slow your ability to think.
  • Chronic pain can also impact concentration.
  • Even if you’re working at a desk job, you may find that your physical disability significantly impacts your ability to complete the daily tasks associated with your job.

Sometimes, you’ll recover from a TBI and be able to go back to business as usual. In other cases, however, you may have to deal with these symptoms for months or more. Both short-term and long-term injuries can cause significant problems with your overall job tasks.

Not every motorcycle crash ends in serious injury. While you may not end up with an injury that impacts you for the rest of your life, even short-term disability can lead to several issues that may temporarily—or even permanently—impact the progression of your career.

Get the Help You Deserve After Your Accident

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