Snatched by Bruce Porter

a book that features Michael L. Avery, Sr. , Esquire.

She is known as the “Princess” and she is my client.  Her lawsuit was filed in the United States Court of Federal Claims and it took 15 years to resolve.  At the end of the day she accomplished what no other informant had before, she beat the United States Government in court.  We proved that the DEA had a contract with the Princess as an undercover informant and that the government had a responsibility for her safety.  The DEA broke its deal with the Princess when they sent her to Columbia in her role as an undercover money launderer where she was kidnapped.  Held for months in the Columbian jungle, she was finally ransomed and set free and returned to America.  The story of exploits, her kidnapping and the aftermath is captured in the book titled Snatched written by best-selling author Bruce Porter.  What follows is from Amazon:

“Snatched is the electric tale, by the New York Times bestselling author of Blow, Bruce Porter, that tells the true story of a woman caught between two worlds, with her life dangling in the balance.

Raised an aristocrat in Colombia and educated in European schools, Pilar transfixes everyone with her charm and her guile. She also falls for dangerous men and finds herself drawn into the highest levels of the cocaine trade.

After two failed marriages and a harrowing escape from the drug life, she settles down to a quiet existence in Florida with her children–until her second husband tries to cut short his prison term by giving her name over to members of a new task force being formed by the DEA. They induce Pilar, now a middle-aged woman, to infiltrate the Cali cartel as the head of a vast money laundering sting.

Named “Operation Princess,” the scheme leads to the seizure of tens of millions of dollars, along with some $500 million worth of cocaine and the exposure of hundreds of high-level traffickers, becoming one of the most daring and successful stings in DEA history.

But Pilar plays her part too well. Her success as a money launderer gets her kidnapped and then ransomed by a band of guerrillas in South America–and the US government refuses to negotiate. It’s left to her low-level handlers in the DEA to get her back, before it’s too late and her kidnappers discover they have a federal agent in their clutches. Snatched is the electric tale, by the New York Times bestselling author of Blow, Bruce Porter, that tells the true story of a woman caught between two worlds, with her life dangling in the balance.”